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We have strong development ability, long engaged in develope various medical instrument. We have rich experience in the field, and especially gained more technical superiority after cooperate with the science institutions in USA. Such as image algorithm of our ultrasonic diagnosis instruments is very unique, image quality are very clear.

Our all digit and all focus beamforming ultrasound imaging system has been a great success since it is been used by customers. We have used various complicated algorithms to achieve the all digital all focusing system’s image quality. And thus, the quality-price ratio has been raised to new standard.

Some of the advanced beamforming technologies are highlighted here:

  • All focus beamforming techniques. Unlike the normal digital beamforming, which can only achieve 2~4 focus point for transmit direction and every point for receive direction, this technique can achieve both transmit and receive focuing effect for every single point, and thus greatly enhances the image quality in lateral direction.
  • High quality Low Noise Amplifier and high resolution A-D converter.
  • Space and frequency compounding. This greatly increased the focus results, and increased signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Automatic aperture resizing to increase both near and far field resolution.






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