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BProbe-2 4D Wireless Probe Bladder Ultrasound Scanner
Ultrasound Bladder Scanner
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Product Advantages:
- Only one probe, convenient for carry     
- Wireless, convenient for operation
- 4D array scan,  very clear image                                    
- High accurate (5% inaccuracies)
- High speed on scan and process (2s)
- Without distortion of mechanical scanning
- More advanced algorithm, more powerful bladder wall recognition technology(High recognition rate for the bladder wall with air), more accurate contour technology, higher accuracy of the probe makes scanning results more accurate.
- New algorithm, the measurement results are not subject to the bladder shape and size.
  No need to select Gender, Age group and no need to consider special cases such as the effect of hysterectomy on the measurement results. Good compatibility for different bladders, no Ubstantial error when measuring small volume or special shape bladders, easier to operate and use.
- High precision rotary encoder, precise positioning, never need to calibration. 
- Waterproof probe.


Technical specification: 
1. Scan mode: array probe, 4D scan;
2. Supporting system: Apple iOS, Android;
3. Measuring range: 10ml ~ 2000ml;
4. Automatic measurement inaccuracies: <5%;
5. Scan and process<2 seconds;
6. Scanned image display frame: 10 frames / seconds;
7. Case Storage: by tablet or mobile phone;
8. Printing: external wireless thermal printer;
9. Battery: Built-in battery, charge one time can work on more than 200 patients;
10. Power: Wireless charge or by USB cable charge;
11. Dimension: 180mm (length) × 60mm (width) × 60mm (thickness);
12. Weight: 420g.

Wireless Charger

With scan key on probe

Standard Configuration:
- 4D Wireless probe 1 pcs
- Charge use USB cable 1 pcs
- Software disk 1 pcs
- Manual 1 pcs

- Tablet, Smart mobile phone
- Bluetooth wireless printer
- Wireless charge pad, Wireless charge  battery bank
- Trolley and cradle

Function and Application of bladder scanner:
The bladder scanner is used to non-invasively visualize, monitor and measure urine volume in
the bladder, to determine whether to urinate and the suitable urinary output, and also can used
to prevent inappropriate insertion of the Catheter into the bladder. 
It is widely used in urology, rehabilitation, surgical, operation room, and home health care.
Benefits of Bladder Scanning:
• Measures bladder volume and Post Voiding Residual (PVR)
• Prevents unnecessary catheterization and patient discomfort
• Reduces Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI)
• Monitors bladder non-invasively to prevent urinary retention
• Monitors post-operative recovery
• Reduces hospital costs (disposables)
• Promotes staff efficiency and requires little training.
Widely used in hospital:
 Surgery, hocus section, ICU, urine section, women and lay section, orthopedics, nerve medicine,
 child section, healing section.
Latent application area:
 Appertain area, Uric incontinence guide, SCI/MS, Mentality healing institution, Resthome.
Family tend:
 SCI/MS, Community medical center, Family and community doctor.


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