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SV-5 continuous positive airway pressure breathing machine (CPAP) Ventilator
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Product Profile:
Sleep apnea syndrome has been gradually taken to a serious threat of the most common illnesses to human health, has become invisible killer of life-threatening at recently 30 years. Sleep apnea syndrome prevalence rate is 4% in the population, and the rate is 20% to 40% in people over 65 ages. The main feature of sleep apnea syndrome is that the patients have recurrent apnea during sleep and cause hypoxia leading to the ultimate consequences of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes and other damage to many organs. 80% of drug-resistant hypertension, 50% - 70% of congestive heart failure, nearly 50% of atrial fibrillation and diabetes has relationship with sleep apnea syndrome.
Since 1981, Dr. Sullivan from Australia firstly use continuous positive airway pressure breathing machine (CPAP) to treat the sleep apnea syndrome (OSA). Because of its safety, effective, less side effects, and efficient treatment characteristics, CPAP get more and more widely used. CPAP adapt to all types of sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome treatment, especially more effective for moderate and severe obstructive sleep apnea syndrome patients. In the various methods of treatment of sleep apnea syndrome at home and abroad, CPAP treatment accounted for 70-80% utilization.
Our company is grand to launch the Dreamy series CPAP/Auto CPAP, it has accurate and stable pressure output, incorporate humidifier, ramp up time setting and Auto On/Off functions, those will provide more comfortable during the sleep. Look forward to your finding more features.

A、Accurate pressure output: The MCU control motor to output the accurate pressure by high precision pressure sensor;
B、Air leak compensation: The user may move during sleep or wear wrong lead to leak air and treat pressure drop off. The device can measure leakage and automatically compensate make sure the pressure keep in the setting range;
C、Altitude compensation: Automatically adjust to output pressure make sure accurate pressure for the users;
D、Alarm for power off or disconnected: Completely avoid the power off or disconnected suddenly which may lead to asphyxia;
E、Overheating protection: The humidifier will shut down automatically when it overheat avoid scald the users;
F、Independent air way: To avoid the smoking produced by electronic components to harm the users;
G、Large LCD display: It is very convenient to see the setting parameters and statistical data, meanwhile can display waveform of breathing air and pressure in real time;
H、Lock parameters automatically: To avoid wrong operation, parameters can be locked after set;
I、USB port: The user is very convenient to set every parameter, download data;
J、Epworth: To estimate the effect of the treatment by themselves with Epworth.

Technical parameters:
Environmental Specifications
15%-95%(No condensation)
15%-95%(No condensation)
Atmospheric Pressure
Physical Specifications
Water Capacity
MAX 200ml
4cmH2O-20cmH2O  ±0.5cmH2O Step with 0.5cmH2O
Ramp up time
0-60 Minutes
0 Off
1 45℃
2 50℃
3 55℃
4 60℃
5 65℃
System Time
Backlight Time
30,60,120,300,600 Seconds
Electrical Specifications
Power Adapter
Class II, Type BF Applied Part
Waterproof Protective Grade

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