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SI-10 Intravenous Imagescope
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Intravenous imagescope can real-time, accurate, clear display vein, help medical personnel on the hit the nail on the head of the venipuncture, reduce the risk of infection, reduce pain and improve medical staff work efficiency, reduce the medical dispute, improving hospital reputation.
Working principle:
Use of surrounding tissues in the veins, to oxygen hemoglobin of near infrared absorption of different, the information after photoelectric conversion and image processing and will last a vein are displayed on the screen.
The medical dispute occurs frequently, and venipuncture failure is one of the fuse to medical disputes, especially in pediatrics. In addition, superficial vein puncturing failure, directly will increase the number of puncture, even use peripheral placement center catheter (PICC) or the central venous catheter (CVC), and this will add the extra costs and the risk of infection. According to the statistics, the central venous catheter and 90% of catheter-related bloodstream infection is connected.
Influence of lumbar puncture are the major factors:
· obesity
· deep color of skin
· anemia
· low blood pressure
· red blood cells increased sickness and so on
· vein poor quality (swelling, meticulous, flexibility is poor, dynamic degrees, etc)
· peripheral vascular contraction (acidosis, sepsis, cold, fear, anxiety, vasospasm)
Intravenous imagescope can exclude any of the above factors, real-time and accurate, clear display vein, improve the success rate for the first time venipuncture, thus will venipuncture failure this medical disputes fuse put out.
The hospital benefit from:
• shorten the puncture time, improve the work efficiency
• reduce the medical dispute, improve hospital reputation
• beds and other medical equipment to speed up the turnover
• increase hospital income
Patients benefit from:
• reduce pain, anxiety and other bad feelings
• reduce the risk of infection
• access liquid or drugs
• shorter hospital stay
Market deman
Intravenous imagescope has a very huge market foundation. From the macroscopic aspects speaking, any need to do vein puncturing the rate can be used imagescope vein. The promotion, can choose some urgent need venous imagescope the rate, mainly as follows:
• injection room
• pediatric
• emergency room
• operating room
• maternity
• oncology at
• laboratory

1-A, high clear camera, top light source
1-B, bottom light source
2, screen
3, push hands
4, punctre platform
5, store content sets
6, tight pulley


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