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SS-2200 Color Doppler System
Ultrasound Color Doppler
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The system breaks new ground in medical imaging engineering. We are packing many features of high end devices into this elegant modern design cart system. The youngest member of a scalable family of products to arrive combines new patent pending technologies with powerful imaging tools, ease of use, and versatility to help you deliver faster, more accurate diagnoses. The stylish cart has flex arms for the display to adjust heights to your requirements.
- Crystal clear image
- PC based, powerful function
- Strain phantom imaging
- Directional power doppler flow imaging
- 3D/4D probe and image function
- Tissue specific sound speed adjustment technology
- Motion -dependant persistence algorithm
- Depth dependant dynamic filtering technology
- Directional power doppler flow imaging
- Frequency&spatial compound imaging
- Freehand 3d ultrasound
- Mixed side by side display modes
- Tissue harmonic imaging
- Tissue harmonic imaging from phase inversion
- Adaptive speckle reduction algorithms
- Panramic and wide field of view (fov)imaging
- Remote system diagnostic function
- 3 active probes

An advanced machine
- High resolution pictures are possible with spatial and frequency compound imaging, THI using phase inversion.
- A path breaking pixel-by-pixel, motion-dependant algorithm for calculation of persistence puts the SS-2200 in a league of its own. This results in image edges and borders that are sharper and more clearly defined than ever before.
- To make pictures clearer for deeper tissues, we are introducing a Depth Dependant Dynamic Filtering Technology (DFT)
- Adaptive speckle reduction algorithms to increase contrast resolution.
- Multiple receive beams for higher frame rates.
- The system can be upgraded to the enhanced versions making the system and your investment future proof.

Productivity features and support services for a busy medical community.
The system has a range of imaging modes like B, M, Doppler modes and we offer all software tools including Vascular, Cardiac, Urology, OB/GYN packages for measurement and calculations.
And, for your machine to stay healthy as well, we offer remote diagnostics and service capability besides the field engineers at your service.

Design Concept
 System offers ergonomic user interface for ease of use,open architecture for upgrades and high quality manufacturing to Surpass customers' expectation

Technologies for Performance
 - Enhanced display resolution for color flow imaging
 - Adaptive sound speed optimization
 - Directional power Doppler flow imaging
 - Adaptive speckle reduction imaging
 - Harmonic imaging from phase inversion
 - Real time strain imaging
 - Panoramic imaging for wild-field-of-view
 - Remote system diagosis and software upgrades
 - Vector data storage and parameter optimization
 - Support 3-D/4-D ultrasound

Comfortable Operation
 Rotating control panel and rotating, height adjustable monitor offer comfortable operationfrom all angles. Moreover, customers may download software to customize the function of each Button. Users may choose customized displays for their favorite screen layout.

Processing and Network
 - Network: Ethernet support and interal modem
 - Remote system updata through internet
 - Software based backend pocessing on DSPs makes updates easier
 - Excellent file management system satisfies different users' requirements

Measuremem and Report
 -Optimized by geographical region
 -Obstetric software: measurement of twin fetuses, and fetus growth curve analysis
 -Urology: measurement of  prostate PSA/PSAD, diagnostic descriptions and graph display
 -Abundant heart diagnosis application software
Flexibility and Portability
 Built on the technology of the cart system

Customer Support
 Our product series are backed by warranties.Saset provides on-site support and internet based remote upgrades and assistance.

Abdomen Artery BCD
Abdomen Artery Color
Abdomen Artery PW
Finger Tips Color
Finger Tips PW
Kidney 2B Mode
Kidney Color
Kidney Color With High Resolution
Liver 2B
Vascular 2B
Vascular Color
Vascular PW



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