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SB-1 PBS Ultrasound Palm Bladder Scanner
Ultrasound Bladder Scanner
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Palm bladder scanner(PBS) is a medical device with high performance combined with B-mode ultra-modern technology and computer technology. The device consists of host and probe, it can speedily complete the detection of bladder area through scan of probe connected with the device, and transmit B ultrasound echo signal detected to embedded computer system after processing before computer identify the edge of image, volume calculation, and display relative information through LCD or built-in printer before achieve the examination of patient bladder and give you an effective comment in time during patient bladder treatment.

With ultrasound echo technology, Palm Bladder Scanner SB-1 is specially used for measurement of bladder volume. It consists of data processing and ultrasonic probe. The display used color TFT LCD with 600×480 Pixel, its measured result can be printout with thermal printer and also can be stored in the built-in flash-disk. The measured record stored in flash-disk can be sent to the computer through USB interface. The power for the device comes from battery.

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Operation uick Reference

Application introduction

Application and Functions Introduction of Bladder Scanner

Product Feature: 
-Light weight, easy to carry
-8.0 inch TFT color LCD big screen
-Friendly software interface
-Simple operation flow
-Powerful functions
-Can store and review image and data of patients
-A mass storage volume
-Measurement data accurate
-The USB interface, can send measure report uploaded to the PC or Internet
-External printers, print directly measured results
-System operating software can upgrade through internet
-Lithium battery inside, ensure anytime use
-Never need calibration and never need pay more fee after buy

Character:  precision、safety、operating easily
·Eximious accuracy (double scan module)
·Bladder position advance scan system
·Display bladder figure
·Easy to master,simple three operation steps
·On the safe side, the technology validating repeatedly
·Compute the bladder capability  automatically(milliliter reading)
·Display realtime bladder image and position in-phase
·Configure USB interface

What is portable bladder ultrasound scanner?    
We produced the machine portable bladder ultrasound scanner is a non-intruded device, using advanced three-dimensional ultrasound patent technology. Through the  ultrasonic echo, the  machine can distinguish between bladder and the organization around bladder. Then the machine can mensurate bladder volume and remainder urine quantity.
You only need to put the probe to the connection of phalange, then press the scanner key, the machine can compute bladder capacity automatically and display on the crystal screen. It also can print the capacity gained by scanner through the printer of the machine’s go-cart easily.
This product has the character of handiness、precision、easy-using.

The usage of protable bladder ultrasound scanner
·The machine can predict whether patent has the need of transmiting the urine, reduce the times of transmiting the urine, then can decrease the infection risk.
·Diagnose if the catheter is blocked.
·Observe if the cystic enginery is normal.
·During the cystic function healing training, make sure the timetable of excluding urine empty.
·Make sure the rest urine quantity of the prostate hyperplasia patent

The scan theory of portable bladder ultrasound scanner

·Tradition manual scanner                ·PBS’s  stereometry scanner
            ·Two step, two planes                       ·Three dimension, much cut side  autoscan

In advance scan interface                               The scan result of  two value picture

>>Comparison of Bladder scanner and B scanner’s Diagnosis Effect 

PBS’s medical validity
-See from the angle of medical tend institution:
·Reducing the unnecessary medical action or operation
·Improve the medical judge of sufferer
·Measure the cubage carry ability 、 remnant urine Quantity and full-surplus parameter of bladder
·Diagnosing the holding ability, avoiding excess bulge
·Reducing urine way infection
·Decreasing the side effect of bladder transmiting urine
-See from the angle of improving life quality
·Using cubage quantity as micturition judge , this can make a prevention function. 
·Dropping the sufferer’s discomfort feel lowestly and obtaining the best bladder tend method
·In the bladder enginery healing training, getting biofeedback, then assistant and control the remnant urine quantity well.
·Improving sufferer flexible quality
·Reducing the bladder and nephropathy sufferer’s sequela

The application area of portable bladder ultrasound scanner
-PBS is widely used in hospital:
·hocus section
·urine section
·women and lay section
·nerve medicine
·child section
·healing section
-PBS’s latent application area
appertain area
·Uric incontinence guide
·Mentality healing institution
Family tend
·Community medical center
·Family、community doctor

1. Transducer freq: 2.6MHZ
2. Scan method: Mechanical scan
3. Sway angle:  120°±2°
4. Rotating angle: 180°±2°
5. Scan depth: ≥140 mm;
6. Display screen: 8.0” TFT color LCD;
7. Power supply for the device: internal battery
8. Battery control: capacity instruction and alarm for lower power
9. Recharge device:
   Power adapter:
   Input voltage: ~220V±10%;
   Output voltage:8.4V±0.1V
10.USB interface: for saving data and upgrade software;
11. Serial interface: for printer
12. Printer: for printing micro characters, graphic and image
13. Screen display: 6 pieces of cross-section ultrasound image, measurement result, real-time date, time and hospital name.
14. Patient case record: 100 pieces
15. Patient ID: 12 digits
16. Max. measurement:  999ml;
17. Measurement difference: V±25%( when volume value V≤150ml),
                            V±15%(when volume value 150ml≤V≤999ml);
18. Measurement methods: After pre-scan, the measurement will be automatically down after press “scan” key for one time.
19. Selection of measurement location: A directive for detection of location will guide you to the object zone before effective measurement while you make measurement.
20. Gender: male and female
21. Language of interface: English
22. Dimension: 300×210×50m(scanner), 320×180×65mm(box)
23. Weight: 1.8 Kg(net), 2.5Kg(yotal)

Compare list of SB-1 and similar products




SB-1 PBS V3.1

Advantage of our product






Measuring precision





More precise

Imprecise may

Can’t confirm position of bladder, so existing imprecise may

Can’t confirm position of bladder, so existing imprecise may

Can confirm position of bladder, not existing imprecise may

Not existing imprecise may

Image and data store

Can’t store image and data

Can’t store image and data

Can store image and data of 100 patients, and can recall anytime.

Convenient to store and review data and image that diagnosis before

Computer connection


Through USB interface

Through USB interface

Can transport the data and image to computer

Using fixed number of year

One year(customer after one year need to pay some fee for to "calibration", if not pay can’t continue to use)

Two year(customer after two year need to pay some fee for to "calibration", if not pay can’t continue to use)

Not need pay more after purchase. Not need calibration except change a new probe

This is favorable for customer that not need to pay more after purchase

Functions and operation



Rich and powerful functions

Convenient and simple to operation, intuitive diagnosis result


Little screen

Little screen

8 inch color LCD

Big screen, more convenient for observation

User interface,



with a friendly user interface

more easy and convenient to operation


rechargeable battery

rechargeable battery

Rechargeable lithium battery

Lithium battery


Outside place

Outside place

Outside place


Work time





Capacity measuring range

0-999 ml

0-999 ml

0-999 ml



inside place

inside place

outside place

Medical personnel generally will not print when diagnosis

>>Application of Bladder Scanner


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