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 Ultrasound B Scanner >> Portable B Scanner >> SS-8 Ultrasound B Scanner(3D image optional,PC Based)(ultrasound,ultrasoni,black white,scanner)
SS-8 Ultrasound B Scanner(3D image optional,PC Based)(ultrasound,ultrasoni,black white,scanner)
PC Based
Ultrasound B Scanner
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-Full digital imaging technology                      
-Crystal-clear Image
-Computer platforms, Abundant functions      
-Powerful image and report management
-10 inch non-interlaced CRT monitor              
-Silica gel backlight keyboard
-DICOM display and transfer                          
-Pretty, portable and light
-Large volume Storage and cine loop             
-128/256/512/1024 frame cine loop
-Broadband Multi-frequency probes
-8 segment TGC, 16 step zoom
-Complete application software packages
-2 probe connector
-Compatible with USB laser/inkjet printers   
-3D Image Function(optional)

-Monitor: 10 inch non-interlaced high-resolution monitor
-Probe Connector:2
-D-Maximum Scanning Depth: max. 250mm
-Multi-frequency: 5 segment frequencies
-Cine Loop: max. 1024 frames
-Scanning mode: B, 2B, B/M, M, 4B, 9B, ZOOM
-Real-time Zoom on B mode
-Image gray scale: 256 level gray scale
-Zoom: 10 ratio, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0
-Image processing: Pre-processing, after-processing, dynamic range, frame rate,  line average, edge; enhancement, Black/White inversion; Gray scale adjustment, contrast, brightness, γ revision.
-Gain: gain: adjustable between 0-100dB;
  Time gain control(TGC): 8 segment adjustment, B, M adjustment separately.
-Supported output apparatus: U-Disk, Laser/ink printer, video printer, VGA
-Measurement and calculation(human):
  B mode: distance, circumstance, area, volume, angle, ratio, stenosis, profile, histogram;
  M mode: heart rate, time, distance, slope and stenosis;
  Gynecology measurement: Uterus, cervix, endometrium, L/R ovary;
  Obstetric: gestation age, fetal weight, AFI;
  Cardiology: LV, LV function, LVPW, RVAWT;
  Urology: transition zone volume, bladder volume, RUV,   prostate, kidney;
  Small parts: optic, thyroid, jaw and face.
-Measurement and calculation(veterinary):
  Cattle: BPD, CRL, TD;  Horse: GA; Dog: GS; Cat: HD, BD;
  Sheep: BPD, CRL, TD
-Image store: by hardisk or USB disk
-3D image function: can get rebuilt 3D image by any probe
-Packing size: 51cm×41cm×46cm     
-Gross weight: 12kg

Standard Configuration:
Ultrasound Host, Convex probe(R60, 3.5MHz), Power cable, Manual.
-Linear, Trans-vaginal, Micro-convex Probe;


Can connect to exteral screen to display color image
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